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Racing Library Pack

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Racing Library Pack

Save $100 on our full collection of racing materials, including the Racing Tactics Book and CD, Racing TRIM Book and CD, Match Racing Playbook, Henry Menin's New Match Racing Book-on-Disc, Welcome to Match Racing DVD, Quick TRIM Guide, Race Boat Crewing DVD, Dave Dellenbaugh's 2013-2016 Racing Rules DVDs, Dave Perry's Rules Book and Rules Quizzes Book through 2020, plus the Rules & Tactics Seminar Workbook. That's 13 items!  All for only $286, a savings of $100.

The Learn the Rules DVD includes the 2013-2016 Rules.  For 2017-2020, plans are underway to implement an on line version of this product and you will be able to apply your purchase of the Rules DVD as a credit toward the on-line subscription when it becomes available.

For the Match Racing Products included in the Library Pack:
This product that will ship is the 2013-2016 material.  The New product to incorporate the
2017-2020 changes have not yet been produced.

Only the Tactics & Trim Material on disc is the same content loaded on a Re-Usable 4GB USB Flash Drive instead of a Disc. Please indicate your choice of preferred media.

Windows and Mac compatible. 

Download this Addendum for Using Quicktime with both Trim & Tactics Seminar programs!

Price: $286.00 


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