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Match Racing Playbook

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North U Match Racing Playbook
3rd Edition - 2013-2016
By Dave Perry

The Match Racing Playbook (70 pgs) distills the wisdom and insights of one of the world's foremost match racers and match racing coaches.  Dave Perry, 2x Congressional Cup Champion, 3x US National Match Racing Champion, America's Cup and Olympic Match Racing Coach, has compiled the most complete and coherent guide to match racing tactics ever published.

You'll get specific insights into the how's and why's of match racing, including pre-start dial ups and escapes, Houdinis, Lead/ Push attack and defense, Shift Right, Soft vs Hard Slams, Weather Mark Meets, Downwind Simos vs Cross-Overs, and penalty killing tricks.  It is all here, plus pages of solo and pairs drills you can use to quickly improve your match racing skills.

The Playbook includes an addendum covering the Experimental Match Racing Rules and related changes in tactics.

This product that will ship is the 2013-2016 material.  The New product to incorporate the
2017-2020 changes have not yet been produced.

Download the following PDF files for additional reference:

» Basic Needs for Running a Match Race
» Pre-Start Do's and Dont's
» Running Efficient Match Racing Events

Download this Addendum to update your Playbook to the 2016 Test Rules!

Price: $20.00 


Match Racing Book on Disc
Match Racing Book on Disc
Match Racing Pack
Match Racing Pack

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